Monday, September 21, 2009

wow almost 2 yrs on!

So where have I been and what has happened in the past 2yrs....

This was Jake November 2007 - what a little spunk!

Sean, you got it in one - Tupper ate my blog!

Not long after my last blog entry I decided to become of all things a Tupperware Lady! Really, it was my bid to stop Darren playing cricket and for me to get out of the house. Well I achieved that and so much more!

You see, when I start new projects I tend to get "involved" very quickly ... I seem to have an inability to just "be" and always have to push myself to be the best. I quickly gained some attention within the distributorship as "potential" and was quietly being groomed, or cajoled, towards being a manager.

Managership is something I do well so to me it seemed like a natural progression. Daggles and I discussed it and decided that I wouldn't promote until June or July.

I promoted in April, and flew to Perth that same week for a Manager's conference. My goodness those ladies know how to party! Tammy McLachlan, my "mother manager", was an amazing go-getter and kept me motivated and focussed. Unfortunately not long after I was promoted Tammy was promoted to her own Distributorship and left Queensland. That didn't stop me and we moved onto bigger and better things. August 2008 found me at the Tupperware State Conference and #2 New Manager in the State, plus I presented a talk on "Focus" - a Tupper buzz word.

Wow that Conference was a buzz, and culminated in a gala dinner that night (and the conception of our daughter). My Tupper Career was on a roll - I had an amazing Team of girls who supported me all the way!

Unfortunately while my career and business grew, my family time shrank and I entered that juggle of guilt at leaving my children and the high of achieving some great career goals. Jake was constantly fighting one bug after another and was in and out of the doctors all the time. Thankfully I had a flexible job where I could work it around, but still my work-life balance was slipping.

Not long after this high Darren, Jake and I took off to Sydney for a Family Holiday. We had a ball and it was great to take the time to reconnect with my husband and son. Jake has such joy in little things and loved Darling Harbour and the aquarium, meeting all of his extended family and the loooooooooooooong drive home to Brisbane. He amazes me everyday with little things. It was a great break but we won't be doing that drive again anytime soon!

So that takes us to September and life was still pretty hectic - I was working hard towards taking Darren and myself on a Tupper-trip to Hong Kong in October - and Jake was still fighting bug after bug with antibiotics courses one after the other. Oh, and I was pregnant!Lots to do! I had achieved the trip for myself, now to get him on the plane as well. We had organised Darren's mum to come and stay with her partner Lewis so I just had to come up with the goods ... and we did!!!

October we flew to Hong Kong. It was like a second honeymoon except I was 14weeks pregnant, cranky and intolerant, and extremely nauseous! But we had an awesome week and I would love to do it all (expense free of course) again one day. We lived in absolute luxury for a week at the Intercontinental and I had a 5 course breakfast everyday! Congee, sushi, poached salmon and greens, eggs and bacon, pancakes or muffins and pastries, fruit, yoghurt ... and that was just to start the day! No wonder by the time I came home I looked 6 mths pregnant!

The pregnancy was starting to take its toll on my energy and motivation, plus Jake was constantly sick. His daycare centre was burnt down so we had the battle of finding another suitable one. The first one we went to was ok but its standards were nowhere near the old one. So we went on the waiting list for family daycare. Luckily my team were ticking along nicely so I was able to lighten my own party load and still maintain an income.

November and Jake turned 2!!!! I'll catch his second year in the next post!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Almost a year on....

Almost a year on and I am extremely proud to say that not only have I survived, but that Jake is a happy and healthy baby and Darren and I are still happily married!

Obviously I can't say it was all smooth sailing, and there were days (and weeks) that I would have quite happily dropped him back to the hospital so I could have some sanity! But now he is a joy (how cliched) to have around and we have so much fun. Sleeping is no longer an issue daytime or night time, and his reflux is settling too... maybe we can try weaning the meds again... not sure if I am brave enough yet....

I sit here and chuckle quietly to myself as thoughts of another baby and all of the good bits flicker through my mind... and reality quickly follows...
... how "wonderful" the pregnancy was (I then remind myself of the nausea, the sore bones, the itchy skin, the HUGE bum, the inability to roll over in bed with doing a 20 point turn and using a crane - need I go on),
... how beautiful I felt (except when none of my clothes fit and I look at pics of myself and my face looks like a moon),
... the incredible moment of when you first hold that little person (and then a few hours later they start to cry and you can't settle them - a sound that is your constant soudtrack for 6 months),
.... the wonder of the first time they attach to your breast (the sore, cracked nipples, the overwhelming urge to change your surname to milk truck, the leaking, the leaking and the leaking...)

Maybe, I think, it's time for another little bundle of "joy". But no I remind myself not yet please, you still haven't finished feeding, you still have no cycle and you are currently enjoying wearing clothes you haven't worn in a couple of years! But one day soon, maybe Easter will be our TTC (trying to conceive) goal.

And now I have the excitement of planning a first birthday party! Of course Jake's birthday has very little to do with it except that it is an opportunity for us to celebrate a survival milestone! And my god how the guest list expands! We currently are sitting at around 40 and that doesn't include kids and it is only close friends and some of our scattered families.

Stay tuned for updates!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Have you ever tried to give ventolin to an eleven month old baby? Try dipping a vigorous kangaroo in olive oil, hold it down, now simultaneously press the puffer, hold the mask on it's face and hold it still for 4-6 deep breaths... oh and beware the deafening screams.


Poor little man has been wheezing away and having coughing attacks that leave him almost purple in the face... was diagnosed with bronchiolitis now to manage it - his little friend Caleb was put in hospital recently with the same virus.

Gotta love being a mum....

Monday, October 8, 2007

Sunday at the Beach

Jake, Darren and I headed to the beach at Caloundra (Sunshine Coast) on Sunday morning for a play, lunch, visit Darren's brother and then home. It was a perfect day - sunny, hot, clear blue skies and a light breeze - just the trick for a family day out.

Jake had his new swimming togs, his sunscreen and hat and was ready to hit the beach. First things first he had to eat the sand and any sticks (of which there were many) that were scattered in the sand. We were at Bulcock beach that has lovely shady areas and even grassy knolls to sit on - a great beach to take kids.

So once he had tasted the sand and worked out where he was off he power crawled through the sand toward the water, saying hello to anyone he met on the way. Hang on! wait for us! Now it was a lovely day but the water was a bit too chilly for me so Daddy was the first swimmer in and I was the official photographer.

Jake was testing his new found skills of step - taking, not quite walking sometimes, but preferred to crawl around or perambulate on Daddy's shoulders - the best seat in the world! After a few hours at the beach it was lunchtime and time to get out of the sun so off we went to a local fish and chip shop for lunch.

Once we had all filled up Jake was ready for his sleep so time to head back to the car and visit Darren's brother. Unfortunately they weren't hime but it worked out for the best bcos Jake crashed as soon as he got in the car and slept all the way home!

Sunday, October 7, 2007


Yep... that's right Jake took his first unassisted steps yesterday!

During the day he was taking little steps here and there but nothing that I walk call walking, more like stepping. Then last night when Darren got home from work we were having our after dinner and bath play before bed and Jake walked about 8 steps, a metre maybe?, to me and we were so excited! I am so glad Darren was home to see this first - especially since it is such a big one!

So after we got him to bed - he was very tired after a big day - I sent a flurry of txt and email messages around and updated my Facebook with the big news. We did get it on video but I need to figure out how to get it onto my computer and post it....

Later that night we were relaxing with a glass of wine and chatting on the couch and Daggles looked at me with sparkley eyes and said "he's walking Nelly" and I got all teary and said "I know... my little baby isn't a baby anymore!" And then, being the mushy people we are, we both shed a little tear in happiness and excitement and, probably a little sadness, for our little boy.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Wednesday at the park

Jake and I went to the park at Scarborough yesterday to meet some other yummy mummys and have lunch and a play. Jake was particularly excited because one of his harem was there - Isabella.

Isabella is so cute and is about 3 months older than Jake and is starting to speak. At the moment Jake is a dog, her favourite word for babies, but sometimes she does get his name out as well.

I have been struggling lately to get Jake to eat finger food veges and meat and he even refuses to eat hot chips - which isn't a bad thing - and hot chips are apparently a kiddies' favourite!

Well that all changed yesterday...

Jake saw Isabella eating chips and decided that he would too and proceeded to eat Megan's (Isabella's mum) and then mine. He's very funny and crawls around with the chip hanging out of the corner of his mouth like a cigar!

And of course Jake monopolised the ball..
. his favourite toy is a ball or in the absence of a ball I keep a supply of balloons in my bag and he will play with that. I just love him at the moment he is such good company and entertainment - we laugh and play all day!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Tuesday at the park

We have had such a busy week this week - and Jake has been working the blanket at every picnic!

Tuesday we met up with some more yummy m
ummys on the Gold Coast at a park in Robina. There was Claire with her new Joshie, only a week old, and Sam her second youngest; Bernie and her daughter Aoiffe and Gill with the gorgeous Eden... Jake's latest prey.

Right is Gill and Miss Eden Skye

There is
Claire, Sam and you can see Joshie's pink Feet.

Here is Aioffe
(pronounce Eeeefer) a sweet little rose peering down the tunnel at us!

And the beautifully pouty Miss Pie, Eden Skye.

Jake has decided that Eden is his girl of the moment and once he finds a girl, he grabs her and won't let her go!!!