Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Almost a year on....

Almost a year on and I am extremely proud to say that not only have I survived, but that Jake is a happy and healthy baby and Darren and I are still happily married!

Obviously I can't say it was all smooth sailing, and there were days (and weeks) that I would have quite happily dropped him back to the hospital so I could have some sanity! But now he is a joy (how cliched) to have around and we have so much fun. Sleeping is no longer an issue daytime or night time, and his reflux is settling too... maybe we can try weaning the meds again... not sure if I am brave enough yet....

I sit here and chuckle quietly to myself as thoughts of another baby and all of the good bits flicker through my mind... and reality quickly follows...
... how "wonderful" the pregnancy was (I then remind myself of the nausea, the sore bones, the itchy skin, the HUGE bum, the inability to roll over in bed with doing a 20 point turn and using a crane - need I go on),
... how beautiful I felt (except when none of my clothes fit and I look at pics of myself and my face looks like a moon),
... the incredible moment of when you first hold that little person (and then a few hours later they start to cry and you can't settle them - a sound that is your constant soudtrack for 6 months),
.... the wonder of the first time they attach to your breast (the sore, cracked nipples, the overwhelming urge to change your surname to milk truck, the leaking, the leaking and the leaking...)

Maybe, I think, it's time for another little bundle of "joy". But no I remind myself not yet please, you still haven't finished feeding, you still have no cycle and you are currently enjoying wearing clothes you haven't worn in a couple of years! But one day soon, maybe Easter will be our TTC (trying to conceive) goal.

And now I have the excitement of planning a first birthday party! Of course Jake's birthday has very little to do with it except that it is an opportunity for us to celebrate a survival milestone! And my god how the guest list expands! We currently are sitting at around 40 and that doesn't include kids and it is only close friends and some of our scattered families.

Stay tuned for updates!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Have you ever tried to give ventolin to an eleven month old baby? Try dipping a vigorous kangaroo in olive oil, hold it down, now simultaneously press the puffer, hold the mask on it's face and hold it still for 4-6 deep breaths... oh and beware the deafening screams.


Poor little man has been wheezing away and having coughing attacks that leave him almost purple in the face... was diagnosed with bronchiolitis now to manage it - his little friend Caleb was put in hospital recently with the same virus.

Gotta love being a mum....

Monday, October 8, 2007

Sunday at the Beach

Jake, Darren and I headed to the beach at Caloundra (Sunshine Coast) on Sunday morning for a play, lunch, visit Darren's brother and then home. It was a perfect day - sunny, hot, clear blue skies and a light breeze - just the trick for a family day out.

Jake had his new swimming togs, his sunscreen and hat and was ready to hit the beach. First things first he had to eat the sand and any sticks (of which there were many) that were scattered in the sand. We were at Bulcock beach that has lovely shady areas and even grassy knolls to sit on - a great beach to take kids.

So once he had tasted the sand and worked out where he was off he power crawled through the sand toward the water, saying hello to anyone he met on the way. Hang on! wait for us! Now it was a lovely day but the water was a bit too chilly for me so Daddy was the first swimmer in and I was the official photographer.

Jake was testing his new found skills of step - taking, not quite walking sometimes, but preferred to crawl around or perambulate on Daddy's shoulders - the best seat in the world! After a few hours at the beach it was lunchtime and time to get out of the sun so off we went to a local fish and chip shop for lunch.

Once we had all filled up Jake was ready for his sleep so time to head back to the car and visit Darren's brother. Unfortunately they weren't hime but it worked out for the best bcos Jake crashed as soon as he got in the car and slept all the way home!

Sunday, October 7, 2007


Yep... that's right Jake took his first unassisted steps yesterday!

During the day he was taking little steps here and there but nothing that I walk call walking, more like stepping. Then last night when Darren got home from work we were having our after dinner and bath play before bed and Jake walked about 8 steps, a metre maybe?, to me and we were so excited! I am so glad Darren was home to see this first - especially since it is such a big one!

So after we got him to bed - he was very tired after a big day - I sent a flurry of txt and email messages around and updated my Facebook with the big news. We did get it on video but I need to figure out how to get it onto my computer and post it....

Later that night we were relaxing with a glass of wine and chatting on the couch and Daggles looked at me with sparkley eyes and said "he's walking Nelly" and I got all teary and said "I know... my little baby isn't a baby anymore!" And then, being the mushy people we are, we both shed a little tear in happiness and excitement and, probably a little sadness, for our little boy.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Wednesday at the park

Jake and I went to the park at Scarborough yesterday to meet some other yummy mummys and have lunch and a play. Jake was particularly excited because one of his harem was there - Isabella.

Isabella is so cute and is about 3 months older than Jake and is starting to speak. At the moment Jake is a dog, her favourite word for babies, but sometimes she does get his name out as well.

I have been struggling lately to get Jake to eat finger food veges and meat and he even refuses to eat hot chips - which isn't a bad thing - and hot chips are apparently a kiddies' favourite!

Well that all changed yesterday...

Jake saw Isabella eating chips and decided that he would too and proceeded to eat Megan's (Isabella's mum) and then mine. He's very funny and crawls around with the chip hanging out of the corner of his mouth like a cigar!

And of course Jake monopolised the ball..
. his favourite toy is a ball or in the absence of a ball I keep a supply of balloons in my bag and he will play with that. I just love him at the moment he is such good company and entertainment - we laugh and play all day!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Tuesday at the park

We have had such a busy week this week - and Jake has been working the blanket at every picnic!

Tuesday we met up with some more yummy m
ummys on the Gold Coast at a park in Robina. There was Claire with her new Joshie, only a week old, and Sam her second youngest; Bernie and her daughter Aoiffe and Gill with the gorgeous Eden... Jake's latest prey.

Right is Gill and Miss Eden Skye

There is
Claire, Sam and you can see Joshie's pink Feet.

Here is Aioffe
(pronounce Eeeefer) a sweet little rose peering down the tunnel at us!

And the beautifully pouty Miss Pie, Eden Skye.

Jake has decided that Eden is his girl of the moment and once he finds a girl, he grabs her and won't let her go!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Jake's first swimming lesson

Today was Jake's first swimming lesson - and we were late as usual. HOWEVER we were only a few minutes late so didn't miss any of the lesson. He wasn't too happy initially, but was like that at the beach the other day, but soon settled in and was having a grand old time.

We splashed and floated on his back, went through a tunnel, floated on a pool noodle and rode it like a horsey - it was great fun!

I unfortunately had to wear a daggy old black one piece that I used to wear 5 years ago to my deep water aqua classes bcos all of my other swimmers are bikinis, and within those bikinis none of them fit properly bcos I have lost weight since having Jake (thank you breastfeeding). Added to that Jake has started in the past few weeks pulling my tops down and helping himself to a feed... so a baggy bikini top could well have spelt disaster.

Oh and he has a great new snack he has discovered - kitty litter! Yep add that to his other favourite snack of cat food and he is having a balanced diet!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Father's Day 2007 (better late post than never)

Darren's first Father's day started at the usual time of 5.45am with Jake calling us to come and get him. It is so cute, but when it started even earlier it loses it's attraction!

Jake gave his Daddy a special mouse pad with a picture of him and mummy on it and a cool mug that said " Best Daddy" or something just as kitschy! Lucky Darren got to open it at the lovely time of 6am and after Jake had his morning breastfeed in bed then we all read and played in bed together for an hour.

After breakfast Jake had anap and we packed a yummy picnic to take to Roma Street Parklands in the city. We are lucky to have 2 great green spaces in Brisbane CBD there is Southbank Parklands and the Roma Street Parklands. Southbank is much busier and more commercial with a beach, pool, restaurants etc whereas Roma Street is basically just a beautiful series of parks and spaces with a small restaurant in the corner.

So we packed the car and took blankets and toys as well as a great picnic and hit the road. It is only a 15 minute drive from our place but still we had to hit the road to get there... too much paraphernalia for public transport.

The weather was perfect for the first weekend of spring, and the park was literally emerald green after a week of rain. An oasis in the middle of a parched city. Jake wasn't too sure of the grass at first but soon overcame his fears and was crawling and "walking" around soon enough.

Silly mummy managed to get her shoulders sunburnt but Jake was smothered in sunscreen so there was not too much risk of him getting burnt. But we had a ball playing and all crashed for a family nap when we got home.

Here are our pics

Friday, September 28, 2007

First day at the beach this summer!

Today Jake and I ventured to Caloundra to visit my best ffriend Sherrie and her *husband* (they only got married on Saturday) Alec at their family unit.

It started out a cold rainy day but soon cleared to yet another great Queensland spring day. Unfortunately I forgot the swimming bag and I had to borrow one of Sherrie's bikinis and Jake went nude bottom and a t-shirt. There are no photos bcos I borrowed the bikini, it was a little small and when asked if I wanted the camera I said no!

So we had lunch and Jake was quite happy to play with the pegs and the peg bucket, he had some lunch, Sher made some great sandwiches and we headed to the beach.

Jake had a ball - at first he was a bit hesitant with all that water but he was soon playing and splashing around in the shallows with us. He had a peg bucket and a pair of salad servers to dig with and was as happy as a pig in poo.

After an hour or so we headed back in and had some afternoon tea before heading back home. Needless to say Jake was asleep before we even go to the end of the street!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

almost walking...

It's funny when you are a first time mum... you really want your baby to hurry up and do stuff - smile, roll over, roll back, sit up, crawl.... and the list goes on. And that was me too. I always said that I didn't want to be a competitive mum, and I hope I'm not overly bad, but there is a little part of you that can't help but want your baby to do stuff and do it now.

HOWEVER!!!! Suddenly I am wishing that my baby would sit still, that I could have a moment without him attached to my leg, and now I wish I could walk somewhere on my own without being doubled over and helping a little person keep his balance. I want him just to stop that part of his development just for a month or so, just let me keep a bit of my sanity please! He is 10 months next Saturday and he is way too young to be walking - surely!!!!!!!

Jake is so interested in everything you do now and he wants to be in there and helping you. Even simple things like trimming his finger nails is a game that he wants to play and those sharp silver things (the nail clippers) are apparently really good to stick in your mouth!?!?!?!

He loves to stand up over you and is getting better and better every day at standing on his own. Jake the Giant is what he looks like as he looms over you if we're on the floor. His balance is really good and his coordination is amazing - he is kicking the ball when he walks up to it. Not just nudging it with his foot but full on kicking it! Look out Becks!

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Poor little sausage boy has an ear infection and a perforated ear drum... needless to say life has not been fun lately... sleepless nights are no fun but at least it is the weekend and Darren is home to help. As a family I think we all had about 4 or 5 hours sleep total and took Jake to the doctor this morning. I think I should have shares in my local medical centre we are there so often!

It is funny how quickly these come on though - on Thursday he was happily playing with his little friend Caleb emptying my plastic drawer!

He is growing up so quickly and learning so much from Caleb who is 13 months.

They get together and you can see Jake's brain ticking over thinking "now can I do that?". I think the only reason is he wanting to walk is so he can keep up with Caleb and chase him around the house more easily!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

August and we are up to date!

August so far has been a big month! Jake has started crawling like he is chasing a bus, and sometimes it is hard to catch him, is standing up, and this week has started walking holding onto our hands. Wow... how quickly they grow up!

He has also expanded his vocabulary to include mumum, dada, nana, mmmg (millie girl) and many other "words".
Jake has developed a funny little three - legged crawl which I think is a precursor to standing because when he gets close to something to pull himself up on, it's that leg he stands on first.

Jake's favourite past time is the junk mail. He and Daddy will sit on the front verandah in the sun and "read" all of the catalogues and brochures that get delivered. It is particularly lovely out the front on the cooler mornings because the sun warms up that front area first thing and it's sheltered from most of the winds.

Poor Daggles struggles to watch TV in peace - as soon as Jake sees the remote or hears the TV switch on, he is after that remote and it belongs to him.... he knows the control of the remote is the ultimate power!!

Daggles even brought one home for him so he could have his own, but Jakey knows that it isn't the real one and will dump it as soon as he even catches a glimpse of the real one.

July brought Josie

Welcome Josephine Ellen Mai-Tsin Wong... my gorgeous little niece.

Josie was born on her due date the 4th of July at 23:02 after a 7 hour labour at the SAN Hospital in Sydney. She was 7lb15oz and a healthy 48cm long with a head circumference of 36cm.

I think she is just beautiful!

Darren looked after Jake for a day and flew me to Sydney to meet her and give Dee a hug... very extravagant but well worth it!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

... sleep? .... ummmm .... who me?

When we got back from Sydney sleeping became a huge issue. Jake was extremely unsettled, in fact I would say as bad as he was right at the beginning before he was medicated. So back to the doctor and back onto the Losec for his reflux. Cross fingers and hope we get the happy baby back....

Well the Losec kicked in and the unhappiness settled down, but the nights didn't. Jake just wanted to be fed back to sleep by mummy and her nice warm breasts rather than try to put himself back to sleep. After a week, towards the end of June, I hit rock bottom. Sleep deprivation was killing me and I found myself yelling at Jake to go back to sleep at 3am after his 3rd wake and feed. He was hysterical, I was hysterical....not the best settling technique ... time to go back to the doctor.

We are very lucky to have an amazing GP who has had reflux babies and his level of empathy is amazing. Jake did not need the night BF - he was eating 3 huge meals a day plus fruit at morning and afternoon tea, and 4 breastfeeds. So my GP tells me time to do Controlled Crying... NO WAY I say... "it's ok" he tells me "you won't be doing it bcos you will be asleep... your husband will be doing it. You will spend the week on sleeping tablets."

And so I did.....

Wow .... what a difference sleep can make... and do you know my little monkey was rather upset the first time Daggles went in on the first night, but Daddy got him settled with lots of cuddles then he only woke once more. After that he only woke once a night and resettled very quickly each time. Now he may wake once or twice but generally resettles himself. If I hadn't had that week respite I think I would probably be getting treated to PND ....

So by the end of June, beginning of July, life was going pretty well until Jake's top two teeth cut....

They caused red cheeks, red bum, cranky boy and so much grief that I am not looking forward to the next set of teeth!

I hope the next set come in quickly and painlessly - but that would be wishful thinking!

So to bring you up to end of July Jake started crawling for real and started to get into everything he wasn't supposed to... all of my "dust collectors" and photos have been packed away, and I forget how tall Jake is - his hands quest their way along the table top looking for anything to grab!

But he is now so much fun and he is the best time waster around! We sing, play and have a ball every day... well most days.... and Jake is just the most beautiful boy - a lovely sweet nature and just a real cuddle bunny. He has also started posing for his photos and has developed a "pose" and a fake smile.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

... June .... the continuation of no sleep...

SO we thought we were plain sailing - solids were going well the teeth had cut and life had settled down. The nights were a little restless but I'd just get up and give him a quick feed back to sleep. Easy....

The beginning of June we visited my heavily pregnant sister Dee, and her husband Sean. I really wanted to get to Sydney before she had the baby so I could see her pregnant and rub the belly, but I also knew that when she had the baby there was no way we would be able to have a conversation with both Josie and Jake clamoring for our attention.

The flight to Sydney went really well and the lady at check-in gave us the whole back row of 3 seats to ourselves - so even though Jake had a little sniffle we were relaxed and calm... thanks to the polaramine my doctor prescribed! But seriously he was a little gem and all was going well until we landed at Sydney.... let's just say that the service at Hertz was less than gold.... but finally we got on our way and headed to Aunty Dee's.

Jake is very lucky - not only does he have Daggles' parents for his Nana and Pop but he also has honorary grandparents in Sean's mum and dad. We have been very lucky that Paw-paw and Goong-goong have always welcomed me into their family and now have embraced Jake as well. It makes me feel like they have filled a big gap for me. I wish I had a pic of Nana Di and Poppy Pat but unfortunately I don't.
But needless to say Jake was spoilt by the grandparents and give lots and lots of cuddles!

We also had the pleasure of meeting Lionel - Dee's new Rex. He is gorgeous and the complete opposite in personality of the dear old Oscar. Lionel LOVED Jake and was quite happy to be mauled and prodded by him. He also loved sharing his tunnel with Jake and likewise they both played with Jake's toys! Lionel also loved having naps with us! He was a lovely cat and great company no matter where you were or what you were doing. He was lacking a few brain cells though....

Part of the trip to Sydney was Dee's baby shower. It was a little unconventional - we had Yum Cha - but it was a great morning. I really wanted to do something girly like a high tea bit found it hard to get her food intolerances catered for. However we played some silly games and Sean stayed around so Jake wouldn't feel like the only man, and fun was had by all! (Dee is in the black and white)

The only really challenging part of our Sydney trip was the nights... Jake just wouldn't sleep. He had been weaned off his reflux meds and initially seemed to be ok but it started to flare up while we were away and just got steadily worse. I was at the end of my tether and the only way either of us got any sleep was if he was on me. So I started co-sleeping, well he started co-sleeping, and I learnt how to sleep really really lightly so that you get no sleep at all! Poor little man just wanted to feed to try and ease the pain in his tummy and it only made it worse.It is so lovely though to have their warm little body snuggled into you!

Uncle Sean was a winner with Jake and they had some great times together! Sean is great with all kids but it was nice to have a sneak peek of how he would be with Josie when she came out. Jake also took the opportunity to show off his centrefold moves in preparation for his career as a model (not!).

Flying home was just a breeze as well - although when we first sat down I was very apprehensive. It was a full flight so no spare seats and we were sitting in a window seat with two huge gorgeous men sitting next to us. I was too scared to move in case I bashed the man next to me elbow and the woman in front of me was an absolute cow. Jake was not happy being confined to just the one tiny space so he decided to start kicking the seat in front of me ... complete mortification ... the woman in front gave me death stares etc and the lovely man next to me says to her ... "hey he's only 6months give him a break!" I could have hugged him! Then Jake decided to start playing with this man's arms and hands and then, joys of joys, decided to grab his magazine and shred it! Oh my god what could I do except apologise profusely....

Luckily (or not) Jake decided he wanted a feed ... it is hard enough to feed in an airline seat but I was really conscious of flashing my boobs at this man so tried to scrunch around in the corner.... unsuccessful.... so it was normal feed position with Jake constantly pulling off and smiling & laughing at me and this man. Finally he went to sleep and the rest of the flight was uneventful. All in all a good week in Sydney - except for lack of sleep!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

April / May ....

April brought Easter and my own little Easter Bunny - not that he was too impressed! It was really very low key in our house and we both tried not to eat too much chocolate ... I really couldn't anyway because I was breastfeeding and it really didn't agree with Jake!

He still hated tummy time and was much preferring sitting up and having
a giggle rather than that annoying tummy stuff!

But we persevered and started to see him pushing himself up rather than just lying on his tummy looking miserable!

He also started to really laugh and giggle at th
is stage!

Something else Jake discovered in April was the joys of a swing. In the past he used to just sit and look uneasy but suddenly the swing became great fun and now as we get to the park and see the swings the arms start waving, the legs start kicking and he wants to be there NOW!

I think it was at about now that I started to enjoy spending time with him as the reflux settled down and started to really develop a personality.
There were times in that first six months that I didn't like him or being a Mum - I was tired and I felt alone. I really m
issed my Mum too, and the reflux was a bitch to deal with.

When I look back at these photos I just fall in love with him all over again. He really is a beautiful boy and a beautiful baby, and yes things could be much much worse! Gosh he is healthy and (generally) happy and my only real trial has been the reflux. When he looks at me and smiles I just melt and he knows I am already wrapped around his tiny little finger!

May brought Mother's Day and it also brought two bottom teeth on the same weekend! I wish I could post a pic but unfortunately they rarely get flashed in a smile - only in a scream or a cry! OMG what a relief when they finally cut! What pain and misery two teeth can cause and he still has to fill his mouth up! This pic is just before Jake and Daggles took me out for Mother's Day.
It was also around this stage that the comments about breastfeeding "STILL" heated up. Why can't people just understand that I am still feeding and that is that?!?!?!?

When Jake was nearing seven months we started introducing finger food for him to pick up and feed himself - like toast - rather than me putting the toast into his mouth.

Welcome to the house of mess!!!!!!