Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Jake's first swimming lesson

Today was Jake's first swimming lesson - and we were late as usual. HOWEVER we were only a few minutes late so didn't miss any of the lesson. He wasn't too happy initially, but was like that at the beach the other day, but soon settled in and was having a grand old time.

We splashed and floated on his back, went through a tunnel, floated on a pool noodle and rode it like a horsey - it was great fun!

I unfortunately had to wear a daggy old black one piece that I used to wear 5 years ago to my deep water aqua classes bcos all of my other swimmers are bikinis, and within those bikinis none of them fit properly bcos I have lost weight since having Jake (thank you breastfeeding). Added to that Jake has started in the past few weeks pulling my tops down and helping himself to a feed... so a baggy bikini top could well have spelt disaster.

Oh and he has a great new snack he has discovered - kitty litter! Yep add that to his other favourite snack of cat food and he is having a balanced diet!

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