Monday, October 8, 2007

Sunday at the Beach

Jake, Darren and I headed to the beach at Caloundra (Sunshine Coast) on Sunday morning for a play, lunch, visit Darren's brother and then home. It was a perfect day - sunny, hot, clear blue skies and a light breeze - just the trick for a family day out.

Jake had his new swimming togs, his sunscreen and hat and was ready to hit the beach. First things first he had to eat the sand and any sticks (of which there were many) that were scattered in the sand. We were at Bulcock beach that has lovely shady areas and even grassy knolls to sit on - a great beach to take kids.

So once he had tasted the sand and worked out where he was off he power crawled through the sand toward the water, saying hello to anyone he met on the way. Hang on! wait for us! Now it was a lovely day but the water was a bit too chilly for me so Daddy was the first swimmer in and I was the official photographer.

Jake was testing his new found skills of step - taking, not quite walking sometimes, but preferred to crawl around or perambulate on Daddy's shoulders - the best seat in the world! After a few hours at the beach it was lunchtime and time to get out of the sun so off we went to a local fish and chip shop for lunch.

Once we had all filled up Jake was ready for his sleep so time to head back to the car and visit Darren's brother. Unfortunately they weren't hime but it worked out for the best bcos Jake crashed as soon as he got in the car and slept all the way home!

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