Sunday, September 30, 2007

Father's Day 2007 (better late post than never)

Darren's first Father's day started at the usual time of 5.45am with Jake calling us to come and get him. It is so cute, but when it started even earlier it loses it's attraction!

Jake gave his Daddy a special mouse pad with a picture of him and mummy on it and a cool mug that said " Best Daddy" or something just as kitschy! Lucky Darren got to open it at the lovely time of 6am and after Jake had his morning breastfeed in bed then we all read and played in bed together for an hour.

After breakfast Jake had anap and we packed a yummy picnic to take to Roma Street Parklands in the city. We are lucky to have 2 great green spaces in Brisbane CBD there is Southbank Parklands and the Roma Street Parklands. Southbank is much busier and more commercial with a beach, pool, restaurants etc whereas Roma Street is basically just a beautiful series of parks and spaces with a small restaurant in the corner.

So we packed the car and took blankets and toys as well as a great picnic and hit the road. It is only a 15 minute drive from our place but still we had to hit the road to get there... too much paraphernalia for public transport.

The weather was perfect for the first weekend of spring, and the park was literally emerald green after a week of rain. An oasis in the middle of a parched city. Jake wasn't too sure of the grass at first but soon overcame his fears and was crawling and "walking" around soon enough.

Silly mummy managed to get her shoulders sunburnt but Jake was smothered in sunscreen so there was not too much risk of him getting burnt. But we had a ball playing and all crashed for a family nap when we got home.

Here are our pics

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