Sunday, September 2, 2007

almost walking...

It's funny when you are a first time mum... you really want your baby to hurry up and do stuff - smile, roll over, roll back, sit up, crawl.... and the list goes on. And that was me too. I always said that I didn't want to be a competitive mum, and I hope I'm not overly bad, but there is a little part of you that can't help but want your baby to do stuff and do it now.

HOWEVER!!!! Suddenly I am wishing that my baby would sit still, that I could have a moment without him attached to my leg, and now I wish I could walk somewhere on my own without being doubled over and helping a little person keep his balance. I want him just to stop that part of his development just for a month or so, just let me keep a bit of my sanity please! He is 10 months next Saturday and he is way too young to be walking - surely!!!!!!!

Jake is so interested in everything you do now and he wants to be in there and helping you. Even simple things like trimming his finger nails is a game that he wants to play and those sharp silver things (the nail clippers) are apparently really good to stick in your mouth!?!?!?!

He loves to stand up over you and is getting better and better every day at standing on his own. Jake the Giant is what he looks like as he looms over you if we're on the floor. His balance is really good and his coordination is amazing - he is kicking the ball when he walks up to it. Not just nudging it with his foot but full on kicking it! Look out Becks!

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julana said...

Well nelly sorry to tell you this but claudia walked and 9 months but not walked she ran and it never stops dont ever turn your back or blink they will be gone we are enjoying your blog get back to me with dee blog address xxx