Sunday, August 19, 2007

... June .... the continuation of no sleep...

SO we thought we were plain sailing - solids were going well the teeth had cut and life had settled down. The nights were a little restless but I'd just get up and give him a quick feed back to sleep. Easy....

The beginning of June we visited my heavily pregnant sister Dee, and her husband Sean. I really wanted to get to Sydney before she had the baby so I could see her pregnant and rub the belly, but I also knew that when she had the baby there was no way we would be able to have a conversation with both Josie and Jake clamoring for our attention.

The flight to Sydney went really well and the lady at check-in gave us the whole back row of 3 seats to ourselves - so even though Jake had a little sniffle we were relaxed and calm... thanks to the polaramine my doctor prescribed! But seriously he was a little gem and all was going well until we landed at Sydney.... let's just say that the service at Hertz was less than gold.... but finally we got on our way and headed to Aunty Dee's.

Jake is very lucky - not only does he have Daggles' parents for his Nana and Pop but he also has honorary grandparents in Sean's mum and dad. We have been very lucky that Paw-paw and Goong-goong have always welcomed me into their family and now have embraced Jake as well. It makes me feel like they have filled a big gap for me. I wish I had a pic of Nana Di and Poppy Pat but unfortunately I don't.
But needless to say Jake was spoilt by the grandparents and give lots and lots of cuddles!

We also had the pleasure of meeting Lionel - Dee's new Rex. He is gorgeous and the complete opposite in personality of the dear old Oscar. Lionel LOVED Jake and was quite happy to be mauled and prodded by him. He also loved sharing his tunnel with Jake and likewise they both played with Jake's toys! Lionel also loved having naps with us! He was a lovely cat and great company no matter where you were or what you were doing. He was lacking a few brain cells though....

Part of the trip to Sydney was Dee's baby shower. It was a little unconventional - we had Yum Cha - but it was a great morning. I really wanted to do something girly like a high tea bit found it hard to get her food intolerances catered for. However we played some silly games and Sean stayed around so Jake wouldn't feel like the only man, and fun was had by all! (Dee is in the black and white)

The only really challenging part of our Sydney trip was the nights... Jake just wouldn't sleep. He had been weaned off his reflux meds and initially seemed to be ok but it started to flare up while we were away and just got steadily worse. I was at the end of my tether and the only way either of us got any sleep was if he was on me. So I started co-sleeping, well he started co-sleeping, and I learnt how to sleep really really lightly so that you get no sleep at all! Poor little man just wanted to feed to try and ease the pain in his tummy and it only made it worse.It is so lovely though to have their warm little body snuggled into you!

Uncle Sean was a winner with Jake and they had some great times together! Sean is great with all kids but it was nice to have a sneak peek of how he would be with Josie when she came out. Jake also took the opportunity to show off his centrefold moves in preparation for his career as a model (not!).

Flying home was just a breeze as well - although when we first sat down I was very apprehensive. It was a full flight so no spare seats and we were sitting in a window seat with two huge gorgeous men sitting next to us. I was too scared to move in case I bashed the man next to me elbow and the woman in front of me was an absolute cow. Jake was not happy being confined to just the one tiny space so he decided to start kicking the seat in front of me ... complete mortification ... the woman in front gave me death stares etc and the lovely man next to me says to her ... "hey he's only 6months give him a break!" I could have hugged him! Then Jake decided to start playing with this man's arms and hands and then, joys of joys, decided to grab his magazine and shred it! Oh my god what could I do except apologise profusely....

Luckily (or not) Jake decided he wanted a feed ... it is hard enough to feed in an airline seat but I was really conscious of flashing my boobs at this man so tried to scrunch around in the corner.... unsuccessful.... so it was normal feed position with Jake constantly pulling off and smiling & laughing at me and this man. Finally he went to sleep and the rest of the flight was uneventful. All in all a good week in Sydney - except for lack of sleep!

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