Monday, August 13, 2007

daddy's little man.....

So we have hit 3 months and are heading to 4, Jake is on his Losec for the reflux and is sleeping well again. The afternoons sometimes get a bit hairy as he reaches the end of his tether and we stretch the day so Daddy could bath or shower him when he gets home. This became the special time for them both!

New Years we spent with my best friend at her family's unit on the Sunshine Coast. Unfortunately we had a very unhappy little man who cried all afternoon on our first day, New Years Eve, and by the time he got to sleep and we all relaxed and had dinner we were exhausted! We played Pictionary in an attempt to stay awake but it wasn't very successful and we were all snug in bed by 11pm! I however got to see the new year in bcos Jake decided he wanted a feed at 11.45pm! Happy New Year mum! The next day he had his first swim in a big pool and loved it!

Jake really is Daddy's boy!! When they are together it is just amazing watching them interact. Darren is a wonderfully gentle man and when he and his son are together there is another element of gentleness that emerges and is so sweet. It's like the layers of the superficiality of everyday life is stripped away and all you can see is pure joy of being a dad!

It was about now, 3-4months, that I put my foot down and became cranky mummy regarding weekend naps. I love a nanna nap during the day and when Jake is asleep I try to have a lie down too - but always when he is asleep. On the weekends Darren loves a nap but always managed to have them when Jake was awake and I got stuck with him on my "day off". I love him to bits but the weekends are when I can have my time off. So the rule was introduced that we can only nap on the weekend if it was a family nap and everyone could benefit from the sleep... so far it is working well!

Poor Jake has a mother who dragged him to 4 photo shoots in his first 4 months of life - they were all "free" and I was sucked in by the marketing! There was one shoot in particular that produced some beautiful photos and we bought a package - as you do - but these were actually affordable! The photographer was awesome and Jake as in his finest cranky pants mood - I still can't get over the lack of tears in the photos! This feather shot is my favourite!

Four months brought several milestones - teeth, night waking and solids. Jake's teeth started moving with a v
engeance but didn't erupt for another 6 weeks! He also started waking at night and feeding 2-3 times through the night as he went through yet another growth spurt!

Jake grew taller and taller and stayed above the 95th percentile in height, however his weight was not catching up. By our 4 month check up he had slid from the 95th percentile to below the 50th. Off to the GP we went worried that my happy boy was "failing to thrive". No worries about that! He was just ready to eat something heavier than breastmilk! So off we went on the solids journey at 4 1/2 months.....

Our first "meal" of Farex rice cereal and breastmilk was inhaled! He was starving! Within a week he was scoffing breakfast, by the end of the second week he was having cereal for dinner too! By 5 months he was into pureed fruits and veges and loving his greens!

Jake had been sitting up with Daddy since about 3 1/2 months - they had sitting classes every weekend - but now his back was so strong and he had perfected his balance by putting his hands in front of him if he started to fall forward. He laughs and sings in lovely operatic tones - testing his volume and range - and sings all day! He still hates that tummy time and would much prefer to be sitting up rather than on his tummy - but he needs to get into it... I look at my girlfriends babies and they are loving their tummies! Not my little man he'd rather sit up! He is just so beautiful!

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galaxiecarol said...

Hi Nelly. Had to check your blog and you have great photos and a beautiful baby! Congratulations! And thanks for commenting on my boogers.