Wednesday, August 22, 2007

August and we are up to date!

August so far has been a big month! Jake has started crawling like he is chasing a bus, and sometimes it is hard to catch him, is standing up, and this week has started walking holding onto our hands. Wow... how quickly they grow up!

He has also expanded his vocabulary to include mumum, dada, nana, mmmg (millie girl) and many other "words".
Jake has developed a funny little three - legged crawl which I think is a precursor to standing because when he gets close to something to pull himself up on, it's that leg he stands on first.

Jake's favourite past time is the junk mail. He and Daddy will sit on the front verandah in the sun and "read" all of the catalogues and brochures that get delivered. It is particularly lovely out the front on the cooler mornings because the sun warms up that front area first thing and it's sheltered from most of the winds.

Poor Daggles struggles to watch TV in peace - as soon as Jake sees the remote or hears the TV switch on, he is after that remote and it belongs to him.... he knows the control of the remote is the ultimate power!!

Daggles even brought one home for him so he could have his own, but Jakey knows that it isn't the real one and will dump it as soon as he even catches a glimpse of the real one.

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