Thursday, August 16, 2007

April / May ....

April brought Easter and my own little Easter Bunny - not that he was too impressed! It was really very low key in our house and we both tried not to eat too much chocolate ... I really couldn't anyway because I was breastfeeding and it really didn't agree with Jake!

He still hated tummy time and was much preferring sitting up and having
a giggle rather than that annoying tummy stuff!

But we persevered and started to see him pushing himself up rather than just lying on his tummy looking miserable!

He also started to really laugh and giggle at th
is stage!

Something else Jake discovered in April was the joys of a swing. In the past he used to just sit and look uneasy but suddenly the swing became great fun and now as we get to the park and see the swings the arms start waving, the legs start kicking and he wants to be there NOW!

I think it was at about now that I started to enjoy spending time with him as the reflux settled down and started to really develop a personality.
There were times in that first six months that I didn't like him or being a Mum - I was tired and I felt alone. I really m
issed my Mum too, and the reflux was a bitch to deal with.

When I look back at these photos I just fall in love with him all over again. He really is a beautiful boy and a beautiful baby, and yes things could be much much worse! Gosh he is healthy and (generally) happy and my only real trial has been the reflux. When he looks at me and smiles I just melt and he knows I am already wrapped around his tiny little finger!

May brought Mother's Day and it also brought two bottom teeth on the same weekend! I wish I could post a pic but unfortunately they rarely get flashed in a smile - only in a scream or a cry! OMG what a relief when they finally cut! What pain and misery two teeth can cause and he still has to fill his mouth up! This pic is just before Jake and Daggles took me out for Mother's Day.
It was also around this stage that the comments about breastfeeding "STILL" heated up. Why can't people just understand that I am still feeding and that is that?!?!?!?

When Jake was nearing seven months we started introducing finger food for him to pick up and feed himself - like toast - rather than me putting the toast into his mouth.

Welcome to the house of mess!!!!!!

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