Sunday, October 7, 2007


Yep... that's right Jake took his first unassisted steps yesterday!

During the day he was taking little steps here and there but nothing that I walk call walking, more like stepping. Then last night when Darren got home from work we were having our after dinner and bath play before bed and Jake walked about 8 steps, a metre maybe?, to me and we were so excited! I am so glad Darren was home to see this first - especially since it is such a big one!

So after we got him to bed - he was very tired after a big day - I sent a flurry of txt and email messages around and updated my Facebook with the big news. We did get it on video but I need to figure out how to get it onto my computer and post it....

Later that night we were relaxing with a glass of wine and chatting on the couch and Daggles looked at me with sparkley eyes and said "he's walking Nelly" and I got all teary and said "I know... my little baby isn't a baby anymore!" And then, being the mushy people we are, we both shed a little tear in happiness and excitement and, probably a little sadness, for our little boy.

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glowlimn said...

yay!!! nelly you are doing an excellent job!!!